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Barcelona’s Marathon

The Barcelona Zurich Marathon enters a new era

This edition comes with new developments that aim to bring a qualitative boost to the race.Particularly notable are its improved, faster and more flexible course, a children’s fun run and a considerable solidarity contribution. With over 13,500 people already signed up for the event, the Barcelona Zurich Marathon has so far seen a 4% growth on last year’s number of registered runners. The Catalan capital will be holding a new …Read More


Barcelona Marathon training session

360runningBarcelona i Espacio De Corredoras would love you to join us in our next training session on March 13th 7pm in the Miramar Montjuic Gardens. The 360runningBarcelona Association, dedicated to the promotion of sports and culture via its guided city tours; and Espacio De Corredoras, with its professional athlete Mary Carmen González (International athlete, 800m medal, two times Cursa de la Dona winner, and Asics and Thiomucase ambassador) Are you …Read More


Zurich Barcelona Marathon 2013

La maratón. Esa distancia misteriosa que sólo aquellos que la han corrido saben de qué hablamos. Sólo los héroes como Filípides saben que llegar a la línea de salida ya es un éxito. 42,195 … El pasado domingo, 360runningBarcelona estuvo presente en la nueva edición de la Zurich Marató de Barcelona. Emocionante, como siempre, ya desde la salida! Con los nervios a flor de piel, sonó la bocina de la …Read More


reflections of a blue line

Our path is marked by a blue line. A thin blue line painted on a rough and gray background. The horizon is so far away but comes to us slowly. Time runs away as fast as our route is shorten. Nothing outside, Only exist myself. Twenty thousand selves exist. This Sunday we all will meet where the blue goes from earth to heaven.


Barcelona Zurich Marathon

Here it is! There is only 12 days left for the Zurich Barcelona Marathon! 360runningBarcelona helps you on your last training sessions to prepare this challenge! Run with us and discover diffent parts of the city that will help you on your last runs. Discover Barcelona in a funny way just before your big challenge! 360runningBarcelona gives you another point of view of the city: explore the waterfront, run up …Read More