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Running in Spain

Sightrunning in spain

We have joined the grup “Sightrunning in Spain“, a blog created by groups from different cities to jointly promote the practice of running and active tourism. The different cities that have joined are: – Bilbao http://www.bilbaoopentourism.es/ – Segovia http://www.segoviasightrunning.com/ – Gijón http://gijonzonarunning.com/ – Madrid http://www.madridsightrunning.com/ More information at: http://sightrunningspain.blogspot.com/2013/04/correr-y-turismo-activo.html


Holiday return I: Walking the “Camí de Cavalls” in Menorca

Running route in Menorca: Camí de Cavalls GR223 from Binibèquer to Calescoves GR223 route by road horses in Menorca: Binibèquer of a Calescoves This summer we have been on holiday, but we have done our homework! We visited the island of Menorca and we have done some trailrunning by Camí de Cavalls, an ancient public path that rounds the whole island. Its origin is around the year 1330, during the …Read More