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Running & Barcelona

Vídeo de la Jean Bouin 2014

  La Jean Bouin ha celebrat la seva 91a edició amb un èxit rotund. Més de 15.000 corredors i corredores han participat en les quinze curses diferents que engloba aquesta mítica prova barcelonina. La cursa està organitzada per Mundo Deportivo i la primera sortida s’ha donat a les 9 h del matí des de l’Avinguda Rius i Taulet. A més de ser la cursa degana d’Espanya, la Jean Bouin combina l’atletisme d’elit amb el de promoció. De fet, hi ha dotze curses …Read More

Sport, Barcelona and Well-being

In order to promote a healthy lifestyle among Barcelona’s citizens, the Barcelona Sports Institute and the city’s sport agents provide a range of facilities, amenities, sporting events and activities that make up the SPORT, CITY AND WELL-BEING dimension. FACILITIES AND AMENITIES IN THE CITY Barcelona has: 250 public and private sports facilities. 1 sports centre less than a ten-minute walk from anywhere in the city. 117 municipal sports facilities, of …Read More

Barcelona is sport: a city on the move

Who says that urban tourism only consists of walking around and discovering the architecture, art, food and people? True enough, there are few cities like Barcelona that have such a wide range of sporting activities on offer, free or for a fee, municipal or private, regulated or not, and open to everyone. The people of Barcelona like doing sport, of course, but visitors to the city can also enjoy and …Read More

Sports’ Events and activities in Barcelona

Programme and activities aimed at promoting public health through regular sport and physical activity. With three different programmes: Activa’t (Get active) This takes place in 13 of the city’s parks, with around a thousand participants who walk, or do Tai Chi or Chi-kung. Camina (Walk). Promotes walking using the different routes and sports circuits available in the city. Also invites people to take part in the Barnatresc walks programme. Practica …Read More

Barcelona responsible tourist destination

Barcelona wants its residents and visitors to enjoy the many attractions that the city offers in a balanced way that respects the environment. So it promotes a model of tourism based on respect for the city’s economic, social, environmental and cultural resources. As a result, and because it is always innovating, Barcelona has established itself as a sustainable tourist destination, with responsibly managed tourism and a cross-cutting strategy which seeks …Read More

Running tours

Would you like to discover Barcelona in a different way? Would you like to see Barcelona as you have never seen it before? We’d like to go with you on a particular running tour so that you discover a new city. Get both Sea and Mountains! 360runningBarcelona organizes running and sightseeing tours where you can experience the sea and the mountains at the same time; you can visit some of the main …Read More

Recognized by Google as a #CityExpert in Barcelona

Great news! This month Jaume has been  recognized by Google as an expert on all the best places to eat, shop, and play in Barcelona area. * Google City Experts is currently available in the following cities: Austin, Barcelona, Birmingham (UK), Bristol (UK), Chicago, Edinburgh, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Manchester (UK), New York, Osaka, Paris, Phoenix, Portland (OR), Raleigh-Durham, San Francisco, Seattle, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, and Washington, D.C. More information …Read More


October 11th and 12th, 2014 – International Walk of Barcelona ( IML and IVV) and BARNATRESC INTERNACIONAL – Routes: There are 2 marked routes each day, what allows the walker to choose between two different distances: 20 and 30 km (+/- 1 km ). Every day there will also be a Barnatresc International routes marked route for IML members older than 70, with the same conditions as the 20 or 30 …Read More

Running through Barcelona!

Bcn.cat.- Barcelona has a whole host of spaces to run in. On any given day, and on any of Barcelona’s streets, you’ll find dozens of people dedicating their time to one of the fastest-growing sports getting ever more popular by the year. This is in part due to that fact that it is one of the most accessible physical activities: practically no equipment is required, you simply need good pair …Read More

The best thrialthletes come to Barcelona

Javier Gómez Noya will be competing against Mario Mola in the Barcelona triathlon. Over 5000 athletes will be taking part, surrounded by 35,000 spectators. – El Digital.bcn.cat: This coming 5 October 2014 marks the sixth edition of the Garmin Barcelona Triathlon, a competition whose participants have to swim, cycle and run several distances depending on the discipline. Two of the best triathletes in Spain have already confirmed they will be taking part …Read More