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Night running through the streets of Barcelona

nike #flyknit

Nike knows how to make good advertising with their products! And now theit has just released the new #Flyknit shoes! After New York, London or Berlin, it’s time to launch Barcelona!

And the best way to sell a product to someone who runs an invitation to participate in a night running session ! At 21.30h were all invited to the igloo that Nike has installed in the Arc de Triomf. From there, with some delay, started running toward the foot of the statue of Columbus! Luckily we did not have to follow the instructions of the spanish conqueror, but the Nike volunteers give us a map to follow our path toward the loading dock: with a fast running we reached the entrance of the harbour, where we made a spectacular run between container loading cranes, smoke and fluorescent lights! A spectacular scenery! A unique place to run! An absolutely urban landscape and almost apocalyptic! That could be the scene of the shooting of the film “The Last Days” ( https://www.youtube .com / watch? v = 2xJUz2aGxDQ ).

At the end of the circuit, another group of volunteers give us the indications to go back to Mariscal’s Gamba, on Paseo de Colón. Another group of volunteers give us a ticket to get France Train Station, where the running session endend. There we met a new bar, completely remodeled, with a black bar, pink curtains, and two DJ playing music on a piano!

An spectacular mise en scène! And so are the #flyknit! But we fear, however, that everything (including the shoes) is only superficial, because Nike did not give any technical explanation of the new material … may be it is a secret to be discovered!

360runningBarcelona + nike #flyknit


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