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Great apps for running enthusiasts

As online connectivity is becoming more refined, we are increasingly moving towards a world where nearly everything is literally available at the touch of a button. Companies, of course, have become privy to this new emerging lifestyle, prompting many of them to expand their businesses online if they are to survive this always-interconnected world. 

March of the Apps 

Established giants like Amazon.com continue to prove why they are where they are with their savvy online marketing record, such as the company’s recently-announced commanding lead in UK digital media sales. Other business ventures, while not as big as the aforementioned, have nevertheless forged a visible presence within their respective industries. Online casino games developer IGT has been widening its reach, from offering its titles on gaming site bubblebonusbingo.com, to brokering a partnership with Matsui Gaming Machine Ltd. in the hopes of gaining a more significant Asian presence. 

With this emerging development of business transactions, one of the more proven channels for companies to reach out to their customers is through offering their services and/or products by way of apps. As electronics company Apple likes to tout, there is an app for everything; and programs that cater to running enthusiasts are definitely out there. 

Apps That Get You Moving 

A fairly useful one is MapMyRun. As its name implies, it’s an app that maps out your route on-the-fly as you run. It also gives you the usual data such as distance traveled, calories burned, and elevation climbed. What sets it apart from most other apps, though, is its nutrition tracker. Through data that you enter, it’s able to tell you how many calories you’ve taken in versus how much you’ve expended. Moreover, it offers suggestions on what food you could do without, what you should take more of, and how many glasses of water you should drink per day given your particular dieting habits. 

Another great program – and undoubtedly a popular one – is the Nike+ Running app. Just like other running trackers, it records all the necessary stats and collates them into your personal running history database. It also allows you to share your stats with other like-minded individuals and see which areas you can improve on. What gives it the edge are the little things could surprisingly give you energy boosts. This includes the Cheer Me On function which automatically updates your social media pages with your progress, allowing your friends to literally cheer you on. There’s also a feature that activates your own personal “victory song” as you finish your last stretch. With all these nifty features provided by the app, it’s a pleasant bonus that Nike+ also works with non-Nike accessories. 

Finally, there’s Zombies, Run! to add a bit of fun madness to your regular jogging routine. A gaming/exercising hybrid app, it combines running, role-playing elements, and the titular creatures to provide a unique experience that just has to be tried to really get the gist of. You set out to accomplish tasks (mostly involving getting from point A to point B) as prompted by the app; and at the end of your session, your final score is tallied, with your grade indicating whether you’re fit enough to survive a zombie apocalypse, or if you’re doomed to be one of the early casualties. 

There are all types of other apps that could make your cardio workout more streamlined and fun. All it takes is one button push, and you can be off running in no time. 


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