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Running in Barcelona: a secure experience

Running, like any type of sport, is a huge satisfaction for those who practice it due to their potential feeling of self-improvement. The fact that it entails resistance and effort and that the level can be adapted to the corridor in question confers a certain “security” bubble, which far from wanting to click, we only want to assure with a few simple steps.

If we are going to go running, let’s do it right! Both the clothing and the shoes must be adequate and in 360running we care a lot to give you the best recommendations on sneakers because it is vital that it suits your type of footprint and your training pace to avoid injuries and wear. The same goes for clothes, it should be bright colors (so you look good), breathable, comfortable and light.

One tip is that you have adequate sports insurance; It is essential to understand that physical exercise can involve some type of risk. Having this aspect covered gives you a peace of mind that is worthwhile since you save yourself having to deal with medical issues in case of an injury – since they cover the rehabilitation, they provide you with all the sessions you need, without any hurry, besides offering a first aid in all cases – and cover the entire management of any accident that occurs 20km from your home while you are practicing sports; obviously the details will vary according to the type of insurance you hire.

Once we are insured and dressed, let’s go outside! Never forget to warm up, it is essential to avoid injuries and overexertion that can lead to very bad pains.

Some basic tips that we should keep in mind every time we go to the street:

– Start the exercise little by little and gradually increase the rhythm.
– Do not stop short so that the body adapts to the change of pace (carreratrote-walk-stop).
– Stretch once you have finished to avoid both injuries and stiffness.

Remember also to follow some simple rules of road safety; Choose the shortest and most visible pedestrian crossings, go for a group run (if possible) to get help quickly if necessary. If you run on the road remember to think that you are invisible and keep you in a safe place at all times, run against the direction of the cars and signal your position with lights, colorful clothes and reflective.

Never forget to take a good diet and hydrate enough !. Drink water before you start the exercise, during and at the end.

By last; With the body is not played and go running every day or rest insufficiently between start and finish can be counterproductive and result in injury, overload and wear. Take your time to recover and in case you hurt some joint or you feel an excessive fatigue reduces the march, it is not worth the force the machine; you have to take care of yourself!


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