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Food and running during a race


Hello again runners! Major races are coming and we must be well prepared. In the previous article we discussed how to feed before the race. Today we have: Food and running: During the race Throughout a race our body uses the sugars that blood have. If these sugars are finished but the race continues, the body begins to consume the available glycogen we’ve if we ‘ve done a good diet during the days before the competition. However, after 80 or 90 minutes of continuous running, these quick energy reserves available empties and then our body begin to consume other reserves, such as fats. The problem is the loss of energy in our body while it access to this type of reservation, and the performance decrease during the competition and an unhealthy waste generation. At this point, when recommend to drink isotonic drinks, eat energy bars and other substances that provides sugars and minerals to our body . Most products we could find on the market such suchas sports drinks, energy bars or gels have sleazy sugars, colorants and other additives noxious to our health in a long run. On the other hand it is necessary to rehydrate our body of sweat lost during the race. However an excess of liquids could decrease performance and even cause hyponatremia. Scientific studies show that eating raisins, compared to other artificial supplements is more beneficial to health while improving performance career. Other alternatives: • Organic Apricots • Dates. • Banana, or any other local fruit. • natural isotonic homemade drink Isotonic drink. Ingredients: • 1 liter of water • Juice of ½ lemon. (Antioxidant and versificante). • 1 tablespoon of natural sweetener such as molasses or syrups, concentrated apple juice, or honey. (Provides us natural sugars, energy). • 1 pinch of unrefined sea salt Now you can start run healthy!! Have a good race and seee you soon! http://www.jissn.com/content/pdf/1550-2783-9-27.pdf

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